Mano Mano Lodge à Tahiti Papara
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Activities near Manomano Lodge

Free activities nearby

  • Visit the Marae Mahaeatea, 100m from the Lodge
  • Walk to the Vaipahi water garden or take the crossing road (10 km away)
  • Visit the Mara'a caves
  • Visit Parara's 2 establishments on the Monoï road
  • Atimaono Beach and coconut grove, 1 km away
  • Atimaono Coral Garden, accessible on-foot from the lodge
  • Swimming at Vaima Spring, 10km away
  • Stroll the beach at sunset

Paid activities nearby

  • The Hira Terrinatoofa Surf School, in Taharu'u, for private or small group classes. Hira, a two-time amateur surfing world champion, will safely introduce you to the sport of surfing. An elite coach, he will also be able to perfect your technique with some private lessons.
  • World Longboard Champion, Michel Demont runs the 'Tama he'e' surfing school, and they'll take you to surf the waves of Papenoo on the island's northern shore; ideal for children and beginners.
  • The 'Pacific Kite' Kitesurf School in Mataiea will teach you how to kite surf or help hone your skills. Equipped with a boat, Jean Philippe travels around to find the best conditions adapted to your level.
  • Take a Paddle walk, discover the lagoon and Motu Mataiea, or Atimaono's Coral Garden with Heilani from 'Cronsteadt Liquid Equipment'. Departures from the Lodge are possible.
  • Olivier Breaud international golf course, 1 km from the lodge. Practice and on-site classes. It is a beautiful wooded golf course with two courses, an 18-hole and an expert 9-hole. A bag of clubs is available for rent at the Lodge.
  • Cross the island via Lake Vaihiria with Aratai Safari. Departures from Papara.
  • Electric bicycles or quads, at Lake Vaihiria, with 'Vahiria Quad'. (10-minute drive)
  • Traditional activities at the 'Arioi' cultural centre in Papara.
  • Scuba diving and whale tours (depending on the season) in Taravao. (20-minutes drive)
  • Taravao Sailing Club.
  • Discover the Fenua Eihere, whale tours (depending on the season) and surf in Teahupoo on a boat tour with 'Teahupoo Tahiti Surfari'. (40-minute drive)
  • Museum of Tahiti and the Islands in Punaauia (25-minute drive)
And so many more things to discover in Tahiti...
We can arrange all your activities and excursions on request, contact us.